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CRCA Code of Ethics


To encourage and foster a feeling of friendship and cooperation among its members.

To provide for the mutual exchange of practical and educational information and data that may be useful to its members.

To establish, and endeavor to maintain, a high standard of business ethics and conduct among its members, and to encourage such feelings among all others associated in the roofing industry.

To develop and maintain a close association with all labor unions affecting its members and their employees.

Through this association and its activities with public relations, to remain in close contact with Architects, Engineers, Owners and the General Public so that all these efforts are channeled to the best interest of our members and their employees, and for the interest of our industry and the public welfare.


Code of Ethics

We hereby pledge ourselves, our company, and our employees to maintain an honest and efficient organization for the application of roofing work and kindred lines.

We will submit recommendations that to the best of our knowledge will be best suited for the customers’ needs; our workmanship will be in conformity and material applied according to recognized accepted practice.

We will issue guarantees when required and within the limits of the guarantee will maintain them to expiration.

In general, we will, to the best of our ability, devote all of our employees to the application and maintenance of honest and reliable roofing work.

Robert J. Cronin, President
W. V. Keating, Executive Manager

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