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A Message from CRCA 2018 President

Welcome to everyone associated with the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association.   You are a vital part of America’s oldest Professional Roofing Contractors Association….one that is nationally recognized for our trade show, educational programs, strong industry relationships and industry innovation.  So, congratulations for your continued involvement and support of this organization!

The Chicago Roofing Contractors Association recognizes that its longevity and success is the result of the dedication and spirit contributed by the many volunteers that participate in the organization.  Thank You!    This includes the volunteers of the various committees, the committee chairs, those that participate on the board of directors, the executive committee of the board of directors and our past presidents. All of this could not happen without the expert and amazingly dedicated management team led by both Bill and Linda McHugh and their staff.

Your active participation is the lifeblood of this organization. It does not matter if you are a Union or Non-Union Roofing Contractor, Associate Member, Architect or Roof Consultant.  We need everyone of all ages and at all levels of the industry, all of our membership, to get actively involved.

To our younger members, this is a great industry to be a part of.  If you want to grow in our industry, get involved with the Emerging Leaders and learn all you can from the membership and various committees.  Now is your chance to participate and be active in the CRCA. Please, take the initiative today, and be an integral part of helping us all make this industry continue to be the best that it can be.

Our organization represents the best roofing, waterproofing and allied trades; the industry’s leading manufacturers, distributors, suppliers of materials and services in the industry; throughout Chicago, Chicagoland, Northern Illinois and Central Illinois.  Our members gain exposure on the CRCA website, have unparalleled access to educations programs, safety consulting, OSHA compliance and much more.  If you are not a member, please take a moment to learn more and join this group of dynamic, leading industry professionals! 

Remember, the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association represents only legally licensed, properly bonded and insured Professional Roofing Contractors. For more information, visit the CRCA website, or call the office today, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and see how you can participate in Your Association. I promise you that if you get actively involved, you will not regret it.

Now is the time to understand that the services our industry provides have real value. We need to take more time to educate the consumers more about the value and quality that customers receive by using Professional Roofing Contractors.  By selling value, we can keep the men and women busy, as well as improve the economic health of the Professional Roofing Contracting community!  Now is also the time for the Professional Roofing Contractors to educate the building owner, manager and the customer, that the costs to install a roof have changed dramatically. 


Sincerely wishing you all the best that this year can bring!

Troy Wormley

2018 CRCA President

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