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Carole Ceja, RRJ


Carole Ceja has over 12 years of architectural experience specializing in the evaluation, investigation, design, and repair of roofing and waterproofing systems. A roofing expert, she has extensive knowledge of roofing materials and assemblies, repair/replacement approaches, and construction quality assurance programs. She has developed construction documents, specifications, and performed construction administration and inspection of complex roof repairs to existing buildings and historic structures. She utilizes the latest nondestructive and air/water infiltration field testing techniques to evaluate and assess building enclosure performance, moisture intrusion, and condensation problems. Her experience has involved commissioning and witness testing of building enclosures and components, and thermal modeling to analyze their performance. With her extensive roofing knowledge, she has provided litigation support services on various roofing failures and water leakage issues. Prior to joining RRJ, she was an Architect for nine years at a national architectural and engineering forensics consulting firm. Previously, she interned at two architectural firms and a lighting design practice based in Illinois.


Roof Replacement Process and Design Liability Panel Thursday, January 17, 3-4 pm

Carole Ceja, Raths, Raths & Johnson

500 Joliet Rd. #200, Willowbrook, IL 60527


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