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JANUARY 16-18, 2019

Location: Drury Lane Conference Center, 100 Drury Lane, Oakbrook Terrace IL



Wednesday, January 16                                                     CEU Information

1-5 PM

Exhibitor Set-up

Drury Lane Conference Center

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3-5 PM

CRCA CWIR Round-tables

Drury Lane Hilton Suites

With a mission to inspire women to gain knowledge and involvement in the roofing industry, this innovative group continues to broaden the scope of education in its third year. Come join other women to participate in an interactive round-table program to share issues, topics and experiences in today’s every changing roofing world.

3-5 PM

CRCA Emerging Leader Mentoring Seminar

Drury Lane Hilton Suites

In conjunction with CRCA’s newly launched Mentor Network last fall, Kevin Dougherty will be speaking about how to build & enhance your business relationships through communication. This event is open to all those interested in improving their business relationship with other roofing industry contractors, suppliers and roof consultants. Learn all about the benefits and strategies to gain the most from these interactions during your career path.

5 PM

Roofing Week in Chicago: Kick-Off Cocktail Hour

Hosted by CRCA CWIR & Emerging Leaders

Drury Lane Hilton Suites


Thursday, January 17

11 AM - 5 PM
Trade Show Floor open
9-11 AM

Roofing Industry Breakfast

The CRCA Roofing Industry Breakfast brings speakers together in one place to provide short introductions to programming being held later both Thursday and Friday *registration is required, no walk-ins*

1-2 PM

Workforce Recruitment, Retention and Development– Finding And Keeping Your Labor Force Now

Kevin Dougherty

The recession of 2007-2008 drained the construction industry of a lot of talent. People found new work in other industries or retired. Whether a roofing contractor, roofing consultancy, design company or building department, we all have challenges finding and keeping staff to replace the talent that left. Dougherty covers critical issues in recruiting and retaining workers for your business.

1-2 PM

Cedar Shakes And Shingles – From Design, Installation To Inspection and Maintenance

Tony Hyatt (Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau)

Are you involved in permitting? Installation? Inspection? Attend this important one-hour session designed for the design community, contractors as well as building officials to learn how to specify cedar roofing products properly, understand
which material is appropriate for each project, learn to evaluate costs and also learn to recognize proper installations or those that aren’t.

3-4 PM

Roof Replacement Process and Design Liability

Carole Ceja (RRJ),  Kevin Froeter (Sterling Commercial Roofing), Stephen Phillips (Hendrick Phillips), and  Dennis Runyan (Dryspace, Inc.)

Ever involved in specifying a roof replacement for a building owner without a licensed professional? Roofing accounts for a big percentage of construction litigation while it gets little attention due to being ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Hear from a panel of a roof consultant specifier, roofing contractor, and roofing specialist lawyer about possible liability in the roof replacement process. From Roofing specifications to installation and inspection, they’ll cover issues that will keep you out of court.

Friday, January 18

9 AM -1 PM
Trade Show Floor open
7-9 AM

Safety Programs Start to Finish – Connecting the Dots

Frank Marino (Safety Check, Inc) and CRCA Safety Committee

Attend this important session and learn the steps to creating and implementing a successful safety program: preplanning, setting up the job, onsite coordination and finally downloading upon completion. Geared for field staff, management and owners and more.

7:45 -

8:45 AM

Roofing Over Concrete Decks – Centuries of Use, New Problems & Solutions

Matt Dupuis (SRI)

What’s the latest guidance when roofing over concrete decks? This program wraps up the three-year research project funded by CRCA, CRC, NRCA and others. Using data from the research, Matt Dupuis, PhD, PE will share findings and critical recommendations about today’s roofing systems when applied over concrete.

9:30 -

10:30 AM

Common Solutions for Steep Slope Roof Problems

Nick Sabino (Deer Park Roofing & NRCA Chairman Elect)

Nick speaks about common problems and solutions for steep slope roofs during this fast-moving program. He’ll cover why ice dams form and how to prevent leaks from them, what happens when there is not enough insulation in the attic, when ventilation is inadequate, bad flashing and edge, gutter details. He’ll provide possible solutions for these issues and many more

11:15 AM -

12:15 PM

Roofing Technical Issues – Codes, Standards, Common Problems & Solutions

Mark Graham (Vice President, Technical Services, NRCA)

Mark will present important roofing technical issues including what to expect in the new 2021 International Building and Energy Conservation Codes, and other key roofing technical issues that affect roofing contractors, consultants and design professionals, building owners, building code officials too.

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